Marca is responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. She set up my company’s LLC formation and applied for my EIN with the IRS. Even though the IRS wasn’t very responsive, Marca stayed on top of them and kept me updated along the way. She has helped me with my Letter of Agreement, assuring it works for all potential clients in all situations and is legally binding. I definitely recommend her to other business owners, family and friends!
Candace Huber

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Estate Planning

Quality estate planning includes more than just a will. A comprehensive plan provides all the legal documents your loved ones and healthcare providers will need to honor your wishes thoroughly and without question.
Estate planning packages include:

  • Last Will and Testament

    Ensures your wishes are honored regarding your assets upon your death. A well-written will provides your loved ones with instructions and helps them avoid much of the hassle and cost that comes with managing your estate after your death.

  • Statutory Durable Power of Attorney

    Is an important tool in incapacity planning. This Power of Attorney can become effective upon your incapacity and ceases upon your death.
    Absent a Power of Attorney, if an individual becomes incapacitated, no one may gain access to his or her assets or make other important medical, financial or legal decisions for his or her benefit without establishing a court appointed Guardianship.
    Even married couples need powers of attorney to avoid calamity in the event of incapacitation. If one spouse becomes incapacitated due to an accident or illness, the non-incapacitated spouse cannot legally refinance the house or sell it (because it is owned in both names), cannot change IRA or 401(k) investments (since they are solely in the name of the incapacitated spouse), and cannot deal with the incapacitated spouse’s business interests, life insurance or annuities . The simple process of completing a well drafted and thorough Durable Power of Attorney solves all of these problems.

  • Declaration of Guardian for Client and Minor Children

    Guardianship of Children – If you have children, it is very important to designate guardians in the event you are incapacitated or pass away. Without this document, if there is ever a need for your children to have a guardian, the court will determine who should raise your kids in your stead.
    Guardianship of Person & Estate – Should you require a guardian, this declaration allows you to choose who will serve as that guardian. Without this document, the court will be left to determine the best person for the job, and it may not be a person of your choosing.

  • Medical Power of Attorney & Physicians Directive

    States an individual’s preferences with regard to heroic measures and whether or not they should be taken to preserve his or her life if there is no chance of recovery from a tragic illness or injury.
    A Physicians Directive provides clear direction for your spouse, children or others who might otherwise be conflicted about such matters. Physicians directives are an important part of an estate plan, as they remove some of the heavy emotional burden from family members and can eliminate the erosion of an individual’s estate through avoidance of interminable medical bills.
    Medical Powers of Attorney are used to designate one or more people to step into the patient’s shoes to make medical decisions and is used in conjunction with a Physicians Directive.

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Entity formation is an essential step in operating a business. Creating an entity helps protect your personal assets from business creditors as well as employees, clients and lawsuits. 

There are a variety of entities in Texas, and it is important to select the appropriate entity. Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and Limited Partnerships (LP) are some of the options for Texas business owners.

My entity formation services include ascertaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, drafting the required documents for formation, ordering custom Corporate Notebooks, and ensuring my clients properly execute formation documents.

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Ag Law

As a 4th-generation farmer, I am passionate about agriculture. Agricultural law is the general practice of law tailored for the unique needs of agricultural clients. I specialize in agricultural real estate, including farm and ranch contracts, agricultural leases, easements, oil and gas disputes, water rights, agriculturally focused estate planning, employment issues and litigation.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation, while unique, essentially means taking a wrong and working to make it right. I have handled a variety of civil matters, including breach of contract, Deceptive Trade Practices Act (“DTPA”) violations, fraud and foreclosures.

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Transactional Law

My background as a business owner means I am familiar with the needs of small business owners. I provide comprehensive legal solutions for my business clients, including real estate documents, contracts, promissory notes, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and letters of agreement.

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Criminal Law

Criminal charges can be life altering. I am here to help you or your loved one navigate the legal system and resolve the charges as quickly and favorably as possible.

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I pride myself on offering modern services built on traditional values.

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